If the worst happens all may not be lost because lost or damage data can be recovered with our effective data recovery services. The process is different for every situation and storage device.

We can recovery your data from most type of storage devices like: failed hard drives, tape drives, memory sticks, removable hard disks, DVDs, digital camera data cards and more.

We always recommend you have back ups of your data but we know sometimes things go wrong, so contact us now and find out if we can help you recover your data.

Here are some of the most common data recovery services we provide:

  • Hard drive makes clicking sound
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Hard drive surface damage
  • Accidental data or file deletion
  • Accidental reformatting of RAID
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Laptop Hard Drive recovery
  • Inaccessible drive files
  • External drive turns on but no files


Now Finding Lost Data is Just a Few Clicks Away

Fend off data loss with our Windows data recovery services. Our software comes as a rescuer in times when your precious photos, music, videos, documents, and other files get deleted accidentally or in a frenzy to free up storage. We can resolve your data loss woes by performing secure recovery of lost files with our tools and applications. Contact us should you wish to know more about how we can help.


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